Active Telling, Active Learning (ACT)

“Active Telling, Active Learning” (ACT), reference code 602013-CITIZ-1-2018-1-IT-CITIZ-REMEM

The project Active Telling Active Learning, within the Europe for Citizens program, is focused on commemoration of one of the core and most important events in modern European history that touched every European country and millions of senior citizens – the WWII.

The project involves 5 European countries from different euro-zones (Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland) ensuring a diverse perspective on EU historical experiences related to WWII. The chosen countries are a spectrum of European historical background and geographical balance that will ensure a cross-examination of national collective memories.

Active Telling Active Learning activities target mainly youths through WWII-commemorative events: creative workshops, guided visits to historical places, debates, Human Library (HL) events in each partner country.

The HL method turns people into “living Books”: from a 'catalogue' people in small groups can choose to “read a book”, turning the pages of its real life in a face-to-face discussion. The invited Books are the survivors, ex-partisans, victims’ relatives, history teachers, professors, researches of the WWII History. Via discussion The 'readers' will be able to ”turn the pages” of books’ lives and so of the EU History developing active ownership on common EU values throughout learning  about their common past.

On the project’s website and Facebook page you can find content designed to underline fundamental EU values and to reflect on causes and consequences of authoritarian and totalitarian regimes in Europe's modern history: articles, video-books with historical witnesses and a handbook on how to apply HL to EU active remembrance and & citizenship.

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