Picture1From 2023 to the end of June 2025, the former ReNewEurope project partners: the University of Warsaw, Poland, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania, University of Zagreb, Croatia, University of Belgrade, Serbia and PAX Rhodopica Foundation, Bulgaria, together with a new partner, the University of Navarra, Spain have come together in a new project "On-Wheels summer school for the socio-cultural evolution of the European Values, Principles, Identity and Awareness" (EUROPIA), also funded by the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships programme, no. 2022-1-PL01- KA220-HED-000086334.

The EUROPIA project aims to improve the capacity of universities to lead educational processes in the field of European history, law and politics, with a focus on awareness of shared European values, principles, identity and awareness. EUROPIA also aims to raise awareness in the university academic environment of the need to organise and run travelling schools in the field of European history, law and politics from the perspective of common European values, principles and identity in order to overcome existing stereotypes and prejudices among students from different parts of Europe.

A visible result of the collaborative work carried out by the partners in the two projects will materialise in the summer of 2024, when a pilot summer school will be organised in Poland, with the participation of teachers and students from all partner university centres.